Slimming Sauna Vest

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It's time for you to finally reach your fitness goals faster and easier with the Slimming Sauna Vest. Say goodbye to the days of struggling to lose those stubborn love handles and man boobs.
The Slimming Sauna Vest preserves body heat and stimulates sweat during exercise so you can achieve results faster and easier than ever before! It intensifies perspiration in your core by 3-5 times more than regular clothing so you can shed those stubborn pounds without even knowing it.
  • Comfortable, lightweight stretchy fabric moves with your body so you'll never feel restricted. 
  • Looks great and matches with any combination of workout tops.
  • Special material absorbs sweat while increasing body temperature so you're always dry on the outside.
  • Unique design provides abdominal and lumbar support.
  • Reduces love handles, man boobs, and belly issues with supreme compression.