UprightWellness Children's Posture Corrector

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Bad posture is a silent plague that is striking children today. With all the hours that are spent hunched over desks in school and hunched over video game controllers, the constant reminders to sit up straight simply don't work.

As a child is growing, poor posture leads to abnormal positioning and abnormal growth of the spine as well as increased arthritis later in life. 

Through repeated use, the UprightWellness Children's Posture Corrector allows good posture to come naturally so your child won't have to think twice about sitting up straight at all times. A good habit that will pay off throughout their lifetime. 

Simply have your child wear it for 20 minutes a day. In no time you'll see a visible change in their posture!

Don't let your kids adopt the pains of bad posture that so many adults deal with everyday. Get Yours Now!

 Size Shoulder Width
Age Range
S 7-11in / 18-28cm Child
M 11in-14in / 28-36cm Teenager
L 14-17in / 36-42cm Young Adult